Japan India business specialist

Your India business development partner


We give representative backup support to Japanese companies that are exploring business opportunities in India or companies that wish to set-up a business in India

Business development supported by market research and project-based feasibility studies

Joint local visits to factories and companies in India upon narrowing down on potential target customer or business partners

Representative and liaison support (pre- execution and after support)

Advisory support and business establishment support

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For customers that wish to/are facing;

  • Deal with an Indian company but don’t know how to do it
  • Manpower shortage and lack of reliable expertise in business with India
  • Look for an opportunity in the Indian market
  • Look for a partner with investment in mind
  • Set-up/establish a company to start manufacturing in India or are seeking a technology business alliance with an Indian partner
  • Have complaints or challenges with their current consulting partner
  • Need a member on their team who understands both the Japanese and Indian business culture

About us

Across Bridge was established based on ties to Impact International in Kobe, Japan. We are traders and businessmen specialized in the Indian market, with more than a combined 50 years, or 3 generations as an Indian business family residing in Japan, conducting business between Japan and India. We have a wealth of experience and a strong network of contacts to help your company enter India.

Reasons to choose Across Bridge

With a long track record of business experience between Japan and India and a broad network of established contacts, our mission is to be your Indian business partner, for managerial assessment and decision making on your India business Strategy. We provide peace of mind, security and strategic assistance, for your business transactions with India. 

Rich on-site experience

With accumulated knowledge through 50 years, we have broad experience with India-Japan business. We have ourselves executed and done business, and we have knowledge of business cases, therefore we try to Minimize the Market Risk associated with India. 

broad networks

Indians have strong family ties and associations in business. The right network allows you to make reliable and well-established business contacts in India. This helps with ease of business, a smoother experience, and more accurate market information. 

managerial decisions

A clear evaluation of Management is the most important for any business in India.  In addition to business due diligence, we evaluate people and the company from an Indian cultural point of view while we represent and understand Japanese Company interests.

Contract and fee

We work on a monthly retainer basis or on spot projects, with milestones and targets as we develop your comfort and strategy for the Indian market.

Spot Hearings

We can offer Fee-based Hourly Hearing Sessions, via Video-Conference, or face-to-face, in-person meetings, before actual project implementation or signing up on a full-time monthly/yearly business development contract basis after we have signed your non-disclosure agreements and understood your business development needs (This allows us to begin communicating and discussing so that you can gain trust and a comfort level before you sign up for more comprehensive across bridge support and services). 

*Initial introductory first discussion is not chargeable and it is to better understand your Company needs to establish a methodology of working together. 

Feel free to contact us

Tips for effective business with India

Key to success in India investment

Companies conduct research and on-site visits to better understand how people use products or services, market pricing mechanisms, user preferences, and how products and services can be delivered. The key to success for successful managerial decisions are optimized though smooth communication and through effective networks.

Issues of Japanese companies in India

Japanese companies are inclined to depend on Japanese companies and business partners (Nikkei Kigyo), collaborating with each other to achieve results. However, at times, this is a narrow approach that can be less effective, and it can also lead to too much co-dependency. India may require a broader and more direct approach.

INdia business case studies

Case Studies are important to highlight the reasons behind the most successful business ventures established between India and Japan. It is just as important to analyze business ventures that failed and were not so successful. We can learn a lot from past cases and failed business strategies to assess new business opportunities. It is important to learn and make efforts to not repeat the same mistakes.