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Across Bridge is a business entity that was formed by Deshdeep Wasu, Director at Impact International, in Kobe, Japan, a trading company that is predominantly specialized in business between India and Japan. Across Bridge has been developed as a separate business entity, primarily to focus on technology tie-ups and joint ventures, business development, and as an investment advisory, for Japanese Companies looking to expand to and do business in India.

Impact International was founded in 1988 by Mr. Manjit Wasu and Mrs. Kawaljit Wasu. They have grown their business over several years, building vast experience in dealing with supply networks, engineers and decision-makers in both Japan and in India. As a specialized trading company, they have actively contributed to trade between Japan and India, effectively promoting Japanese manufacturing and industry.

Impact International supplies Precision CNC Machine Tools, Molds and Dies (Plastic Injection Molds and Sheet Metal Prototypes), factory Automation, machinery spare parts and specialty materials from Japan to India. Impact International has been operational for over 32 years.  Since its foundation, The Company has always been about a firm commitment to deliver good manufacturing technology, combined with responsive, reliable and committed service. The success of the business can be attributed to dedicated efforts made to manage total communication and to meet all commitments for all shareholders involved in a project. Also, with the ability to manage monetary commitments and to extend finance, we ensure that the manufacturer focuses on building the best solution whilst fully meeting customer requirements.

Over the years as traders and businessmen, we have learned that when it comes to cross-country and global communication, distrust, dislike, differences, and misunderstanding will always exist in cross-cultural business communication. Hence, the most important goal is to overcome the “blame game” and differing opinions and to divert all efforts towards a solution. The only way to manage expectations is through proper representation and communication, managing all sides whilst making efforts to understand cultural differences. Nothing is problem-free, but it can always be done better through mutual understanding and not using the other’s weakness against them, but realizing the weakness and finding the strengths to find a better way to progress. This is the only way forward. 

Working in Japan has taught us two main things. The first is Shinraisei or “Trust”, and the second is Sekininkan, or “Responsibility”. These are business principles and values that we strive to keep as the backbone of our business ethics.

Across Bridge will build on several decades of business experience between India and Japan, to work as a business development representative and a consulting advisory, with a grand vision to make it easier to do business between the two countries. We wish to be your eyes, and your ears, to assist in managing and reducing your country-risk, as you explore and develop your business strategy for the Indian market.  Our vision is to work with SME (Small Medium Japanse Enterprises) and large Japanese Corporations alike, with Japanese businesses that seek a business partner and a player-representative on their Marketing & Sales, Business Development team. 

Deshdeep Wasu, CEO, Across Bridge

Born in Pune, India and a resident of Japan and Kobe for over 25 years. Worked for Japanese companies in senior roles encompassing business development, market research, and corporate investment before joining Impact International as a Director. I have a deep understanding of both Indian and Japanese culture and business customs.

I endeavor to be your link and bridge, a reliable business partner to best facilitate and execute business between Japan and India.

  • Education:
    – MBA, International University of Japan (Niigata, Japan)
    – MBA Exchange Program at  ESADE Business School, in Barcelona, Spain
    – BSc in Business Administration, Babson College (Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA),
  • Language: English, Hindi, Japanese

Impact International

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